Best 4 beaches in Zakynthos, Greece

Best 4 beaches in Zakynthos, Greece

Zakynthos is the most southern island in Greece’s Ionian Islands and offers everything from amazing beaches to dreamy fisher/mountain villages to fun hikes, good diving or fun nights out. Most people come the island for only a couple of days, which is why it’s important not to waste your time trying to find the good spots. And this is where I come in 😛

I put together this very handy travel guide about my personal best beaches that you definitely shouldn’t miss on this little piece of paradise. Enjoy!

1. Shipwreck Beach

If you’ve ever considered visiting Greece or Zakynthos, this is probably THE one photo that you kept on seeing everywhere and trust me, it is absolutely worth it to go check it out. I’m not talking about actually going to the beach (since you honestly won’t see anything but a million tourists and boats next to you), but much more the viewpoint that gives you the absolute best view of the cliffs, the beach itself and the water. These three things create such an amazing view and contrast, that it will leave you absolutely stunned for at least the rest of the day (or in my case, the next couple of days since I just wouldn’t shut up about how pretty it was :D) There are a couple of different viewpoints that you can go to, but the absolute best one is definitely about halfway when you walk along the cliffs. Most people make their way aall the way to the end of the cliffs, but you will get this view so much earlier and without the crowds of people trying to make it all the way to the end of the walk/cliff.

Awesome tip:  Many travel blogs tell you to come here early in the morning to avoid the crowds since it can get rather busy here. I highly recommend to not do that because the whole beach and most of the cliffs will be covered in shade. Definetly go in the late afternoon (anything after 4pm) and you will have the absolute best light and experience ever. Also, the crowds were very manageable because I do think that many people try to come here as early as possible.

2. Xigia Beach

This little gem is located on the north-east side of Zakynthos, approximately 45 minutes away from Agassi.  This one is a rather small beach with impressive cliffs on both sides. The water looks absolutely amazing and is cristal clear. It’s probably one of the few places in Europe where you can find water thatmost of makes you think you could be in Thailand or someplace exotic because that’s how blue/turquiose it is. To get the to the beach, you have to walk down a couple of steep stairs and then paradise awaits you. On top of the cliffs, there is a small restaurant/shop that offers anything from drinks to sandwhiches and other snacks. The view from up there is also absolutely beautiful because of all the different  colored flowers/plants and the water with cliffs. 

3. Porto Vromi

This one is probably one of my favorite beaches in Europe. It is locted on the northwest side of the Zakynthos, about an hour away from Agassi. The drive to get here, pretty much leads you across most of the island and trust me when I say that you are already going to love the drive there. You’ll see amazing viewpoints, awesome little greek villages and awesome fields of olive threes. The last ten minutes of the drive will lead you down the beach and the views are absolutely breathtaking. Once you’re at the beach, you will be blown away by a small beach with water so ridiculously blue that you honestly think you might be in the Maledives. The beach itself is somewhat small but there are usually not that many people there. Most tourists only come here to go check out Shipwreck beach by boat (which I really can’t recommend since it’s waaaay to crowded) and then leave again. That’s not you however, cause now you know how amazing this little place can be if you stay. 

4. Gerakas Beach

Gerakas Beach is a somewhat different beach compared to the others but still absolutely awesomeo and worth going to! It’s located on the southwestern tip of Zakynthos, about 20 minutes away from Argassi. It is a pretty long beach with super soft sand and awesome cliffs on the left end of the beach. Best thing about this beach: It is also used as a nesting place by none less than the absolute awesome -………- turtles! The locals are doing an amazing job protecting them by not only covering and marking the nests with a wooden construction, but they also put a turtle conservations station on top of the cliff where you guys can get information about turtles and their importance. Another fun thing about this beach: there can sometimes be waves that are super fun to play in (I’m obviously not talking about crazy big ones since the water in Greece is generally super calm, but they’re definitely tall enough to enjoy some giggles :P)


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