Photography is one of the things I absolutely love the most about traveling by now. It took me quiet a while to get good at it but having the right equipment definitely helps so much and makes sure you stay motivated and actually have fun while taking photos of things you enjoy (which are, if we’re being honest here, a lot of sunsets, puppies and beaches for me haha #sorrynotsorry)

I started out with super random Canon or Sony cameras (they would usually cost around 100-150€) or just use my phone ( which wasn’t too bad cause I’m pretty good and loosing/breaking them on a regular basis which is why I ended up having one that was always somewhat up to date lol).

About a year ago, I FINALLY invested in a proper camera (or two cameras to be honest) and it completely chaaaanged the game for me.

I now use my Sony Alpha 6000

with this lens.

I know it’s a pretty big investment but I’m so happy I went for it and honestly wished I did it sooner because the quality of your photos will absolutely skyrocket and you will most definitely get addicted to trying to get those perfect shots.

The second camera I use is the GoPro7

which is an absolute dream when it comes to your selfie-game (especially when you’re a solo traveler #storyofmylife). The Gopro with its wide-angle and in combination with a selfie-stick

will enable you to take some of the most amazing shots without being dependent on other people (and their photography skill which, more often than not, are sooo annoying. Honestly, how often did someone cut off your feet or zoomed in on you so much that you might as well just be standing in your freaking bathroom because you can’t see shit of your surroundings anyway :D)

PS: The links in here are affiliate links which means I would get a small percentage of the sale for recommending it 🙂 The price stays 100% the same for you though, you’d just be helping me out a little :*

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