5 Reasons Why you HAVE TO go to Munich this summer

5 Reasons Why you HAVE TO go to Munich this summer

When talking about Munich, most of us might think of Oktoberfest right away and really don’t know much else about the city itself or the awesome area and things to do around it (and with most of us, I definitely mean myself before moving there :D).  I know that I stupidly underrated Germany and its’ destinations for the longest time which is probably why I appreciate them even more now (especially/mostly in the summer though cause I REALLY hate the cold :D). Although this blog post could easily contain 20 or more reasons, I will stick to the most important ones in order to not loose your attention in case you’re reading this from a place where spring has just started and you can’t wait to finally go outside and catch some vitamin C (that you probably really need by now :P).

Reason 1: The Isar River

It is generally known (I’m sure there’s a study somewhere proving my point :D) that cities with a river/ocean/any sort of water are way better than others and this is especially true for Munich :D! The Isar river won’t only blow your mind because of its’ (mostly) ridiculously gorgeous blue/green water color but it will also make you fall in love with everything that goes on around its shores. Whether you hang out the so-called Flaucher where you can sunbath and go for a swim during the day as well as meet up with friends and enjoy a couple of beers in the evening) or if you drive up/down along the river and find yourself a quiet corner all for yourself, I have no doubt that you will love it here. If you wanna do something super cool, check out renting an inflatable boat, bring plenty of friends and beer and take the subway to Wolfratshausen where you get back in the river that will take you all the way back into Munich in 3-4 hours.

Reason 2: The sunsets

Sunsets are pretty awesome anywhere in the world, but some places add that little extra to it. While the Flaucher (mentioned it above in case you’re not properly reading this :D) is always a nice spot to catch sunsets, you should also check out the Friedensengel or Maximilaneum. Both are not only super nice spots to check out in the city during the day but the sunsets here are perfect because they will happen in a straight line right in front of you. Make sure to bring some snacks and beverages (I usually go with either wine or beer as well as different sorts of cheese, grapes, crackers and dips) and watch the sunlight bath the these two building in a golden light.

Reason 3: The beergardens/places to hang out outside and enjoy awesome summer nights

There are countless places to hang out outside in Munich and it’s super hard to pick a favorite. Check out Gärtnerplatz if you want to enjoy a couple drinks outside (you have to bring the yourself though cause nobody sells it here). During the day, you might as well start your own beergarden tour and just enjoy one beer after the other while exploring the city. If you only have a couple of days in Munich, check out the Chinesische Turm in the Englisch Garden (by the way, I hate having to use all these german words mixed with English cause it sounds absolutely stupid to me :D). Although it’s probably one of the most tourist beergardens in the city, it is definitely worth having a beer here and I still love coming here every now and then because you can connect it with a walk/bike ride through the English Garden.

Reason 4: The English Garden

(Can’t believe I don’t have a proper photo of this but just google it and you will see plenty :D)

The English Garden is one of the biggest city parks worldwide and will provide you with anything you could ever wish for, from quiet corners that will make you feel like you have the whole park for yourself to busier areas where you can go for a swim in the Eisbach or areas to play volleyball/any kind of games or just hang out and enjoy the sun (and beers) with friends (man, that was a long sentence). Even if you’re new to the city, there are plenty of FB groups that organize meet ups here for volleyball games or chill hangouts which is why you should not miss out on coming here. Also, don’t freak out if you see a couple of naked men stroll around a certain area of the park because they’re absolutely allowed to the that #wheninGermany.

Reason 5: The countless destinations close to the city

If the other reasons didn’t fully convince you yet, this one will for sure (and if it doesn’t, there might honestly be something wrong with you #justsaying).  Munich is literally surrounded by things that will make you feel like going from Disneyland-like castles to mountains that make you think you’re in New Zealand to lakes that are so blue and perfect that you might as well be in Canada. Don’t believe me? Go check out Walchensee (which is my favorite lake here), the Neuschwanstein castle, Königsee or go hike the Partchnachklamm (to name just a few!!!). There are seriously so many destinations that are reachable in an hour, that Munich can be seen as the absolute best base to go explore parts of Germany and Austria.


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