Top 5 Things to See/Do in Lombok

Top 5 Things to See/Do in Lombok

Lombok is a hidden gem right next to the sometimes waaay to overcrowded Bali (especially in the high season). I’m currently in Bali for the 4th (!!!) time and only now have I made it to this (according to my opinion) highly underrated island right next to it and damn do I wish I would have made it here earlier!!!

Lombok is like a quiet version of Bali with A LOT less people and double the amount of untouched nature (which includes super cool waterfalls as well as some of the best beaches in Indonesia). The water here is so ridiculously blue that you honestly start questioning why any sane person would EVER want to stay in any other crowded places anywhere in the world. Although Lombok has been in the news quite a lot these past couple of months, they did an amazing job in rebuilding most of the damage that has been done by the earthquakes, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. On top of that, the people there are as friendly and amazing as they come, so do yourself a favor and come check it out.

Tanjung An

Tanjugn An is one of the prettiest beaches I’ve seen in Indonesia and is only a 15 minute scooter ride from Kuta, Lombok away. It’s a long stretch of sand with craaaazy blue water that tends to be a bit buzzier on the left end (the opposite side of the hills), so I advise you to stay on the right end of it. There s small beach vendors all along the beach and while they’re usually a bit annoying, these one’s are really nice and super convenient. Depending on the tides, you can walk all the way to the right across some rocks where you will find two smaller beaches that are often times completely empty.

Pantai Selong Belanak

This is another one of my favorite beaches in Lombok and I’m sure it will be yours too. It is located about 35 minutes away from Kuta, Lombok and the drive there alone will make you fall in love with it cause you will pass countless rice fields, playing kids, cows and palm trees. To get here, make sure to type in ´Sempiak Villas´and tell the guard at the gate you want to use the restaurant (which you should really do cause it’s cheap, super delicious and also pretty). This way, you’ll end up at the more quiet and prettier end of the beach. The beach itself has not only super clean and blue water as well as awesome waves to play (and surf in which I wish I was good at lol) but it also features amazing views of a couple super green hills on the ride side that somehow make you feel like you’re in Brazil.

Waterfalls (Air Terjun Benang Kelambur)

I’ve honestly seen my fair share of waterfalls in my life but the one’s in Lombok surprised me so much that I kinda fell in love with them. You will find countless waterfalls in Lombok but I chose this one/this location because you get 5 different waterfalls here that you can walk to through the jungle and they’re honestly freaking amazing (and make you feel like you’re in Avatar). You can either book a private tour (which should not cost more than 200k/15€ per person from Kuta,Lombok) or drive there yourself (which takes about 1,5/2 hours).  Once you’re there, a guide walks with you and shows you the waterfalls (we got super lucky with ours cause he was super nice and took really awesome photos. I usually don’t like doing anything with a guide but this was actually pretty cool). Make sure to get there early (no later than 10.30am) and you might actually be as lucky as we were and have all the waterfalls completely to yourself (which would honestly never happen in Bali :D).

Catch the sunset at Pantai Seger or Merese Hills

The sunsets in combination with the landscape in Lombok are simply spectacular. Although you can’t see the sun actually setting, these two spots will make you fall in love with the island even more.

Pantai Seger is a small beach with 3 different, small and supe chill beach bars (with live music on Wednesdays and Fridays) and bean bags right on the beach. You can either stay here or decide to walk up the hill on the right that’s overlooking two beaches and a big cliff where the sun will be setting behind. I tried both places and they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Merese Hill is another one of my favorite. It is located right next to Tanjung An but offers a very different atmosphere. You will be walking up these super green hills that offer amazing views of the beaches below them while at the same time giving you the right spot the watch the sun set behind the cliffs and turning the whole sky into a gigantic field of red clouds. TIP: Most people somehow tend to go to the right end of the cliff but since you’re not most people, make your way to the left. You might be walking 5 minutes longer than anybody else, but you will also have some peace and quiet and get to enjoy better views than anybody else 😊

Go diving

Although diving can be a bit rough here because of currents, it can also be super amazing (if you’re there during the right time). During October and November, you can find countless hammerhead sharks here that all hang out and basically wait for you to look at them (that’s at least what I like to think :D)

And this is it!!!

Of course Lombok offers so much more (like climbing Mount Rinjani) but if you happen to only have a couple of days, this is pretty much an itinerary you could also stick to without feeling like you’re missing out on anything (because you cover most of the cool stuff by sticking to it :D). Eeeenjoooy!


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