Top 3 Islands in Thailand

Top 3 Islands in Thailand

We’ve probably all dreamed about tropical islands with pristine, perfect, white sandy beaches and no one else around but us in a hammock with a fresh coconut in our hands. What many people don’t necessarily know, however, is that you don’t need to fly to the Maldives or Bora Bora to find places like this (although, if we’re honest, we all wouldn’t mind doing that either :D).

Although most of these places that I will talk to you about won’t make you feel like you’re a stranded Tom Hanks in Cast Away, they will make you feel like you found your very own little piece of paradise.

Koh Lipe

Now, Koh Lipe is probably the most known island of these three and has rightly been called the Maledives of Thailand. I’ve seen my fair share of awesome beaches and islands all over the world but Koh Lipe’s beaches have honestly completely blown my mind. You might actually find the most turquoise water in all of Thailand (and maybe SouthEastAsia) and just sitting at the beach and looking at it will pretty much hypnotize you cause it’s so perfect. Although the island does get really busy and is definitely more expensive than other islands in Thailand, it is sooo worth it and still one of my favorite islands in all of South East Asia.

Koh Chang

The fact that Koh Chang is still relatively unknown almost blows my mind. It is here where you find yourself being surrounded by anything you need to be comfortable while at the same time getting to enjoy amazing nature with beautiful beaches and an island with super lush vegetation to be explored. Koh Chang is located on the north-east coast of Thailand, about 4 hours from Bangkok, and getting there is pretty easy (just go to the local bus terminal in Bangkok, get a ticket to Koh Chang and that’s it). Although it has become a lot more popular in recent years (I went there in 2011 and returned in 2018), it’s still one of my favorite islands because you get the perfect mix of beautiful beaches and nature with just the right amount of things to do/people to meet.

Koh Kood

Now, Koh Kood has just recently come across my radar and I’m absolutely in love. This island is pretty much what most of Thailand must have been like about 60 years ago. You have a couple of guesthouses and even fewer hotels that are spread across the island and meeting other tourists/travelers only happens a couple of times a day. What you do get on this beautiful island is ridiculously blue water and empty beaches almost everywhere you go. Koh Kood is also located on the north-east coast of Thailand, about a 2 hour boat ride from Koh Chang. Although it’s somewhat of a journey to get here, trust me when I say that it’s 100 percent worth it if you’re looking for super friendly locals, amazing beaches with no one else on them and an island that feels like it’s just there for you to explore by scooter (which is super easy here because the roads are in great conditions and there is barely any traffic on the island).


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