The Ultimate Top 5 Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

The Ultimate Top 5 Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

When it comes to taking a trip somewhere, flights can be one of the biggest expenses of the whole trip. Noooow, you might have come across one or two tips like being flexible in your departure date or checking a couple different websites but let’s be honest, that will oftentimes only save you a couple of [insert your currency here :D].

If you know me at all or if you had a look at a couple of my photos, you know that I’ve been to a few places and I made it my personal mission to always find ridiculously cheap flights, just for the sake of it. How I do it, you wonder? Well, I’m about to give you the most useful tips in the next couple of paragraphs. (By the way, I’m also hoping to stop making my friends ask me to check out flights for them haha)

Ultimate Tip Number 1 – ALWAYS Look For Flights in Incognito Mode

Like most of you, I don’t understand the “How” of alghorythms – AT ALL. What I do know however, is that your browser and the website will keep track of your search history and prices of flights usually go up after you check out a potential flight to your next destination. In order for this not to happen, ALWAYS use your browser’s incognito mode to check out any flights you might be interested.

Ultimate Tip Number 2 – Change your Browser’s Location

I usually use Skyscanner or Google Flights to find my flights and start out by checking my ideal travel date and destination. Once I get a rough idea of what the prices are like, I then check out prices for the whole month and see if there a big changes. NOW: at the bottom of the website on Skyscanner, you can change your location into anywhere in the world and this can sometimes make a big difference. You usually have to play around with it but this can oftentimes save you up to 100$/€/or whatever your currency is 😀

Ultimate Tip Number 3 – The World is Your Oyster

I know – it’s a super annoying and cliché line but this time it actually makes sense 😀 If you just want to go on a trip but you’re not quite sure where to yet, pick your departure airport (or country if you’re flexible like that :P) and choose “Anywhere” as your destination. Skyscanner/ Google Flights will then show you the cheapest prices for any country and you can pick your favorite and literally go anywhere you want (or to wherever you can afford to fly :D).

Ultimate Tip Number 4 ­– Split up your flight

Although this one might be a bit inconvenient, it can absolutely save you the big bucks. Instead of looking for a direct flight/complete booking to, let’s say Bali, split up the trip and check out the biggest airport hubs you can find. Leaving from Europe, this might mean checking flights to Dubai, Doha, Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur and then making a separate booking with a local airline for close to nothing. It also makes sense to check the bigger airports in Europe like London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt.

If you’re from the US or Australia, the same principle applies. Try to find the biggest airports on a continent nearby or within your country and split up your trip.

Although this trick might cost you a little time, it will also give you a chance to pretty much explore new places for a day or two while at the same time saving money.

Ultimate Tips Number 5 – Regularly check out deal websites

For me, this one is almost like a hobby because it gives me a break to daydream a little bit. Even if I know I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, I just like to check what’s out there deal-wise because you might find a long weekend getaway for less than 100€ (ok, I’ll just stick to my currency now :D). So, here is a list for my favorite website that I pretty much treat like a holy grail:

From Europe to the World:



From Anywhere to the World:




Alright, these are pretty much all my secrets that I laid bare in front of you – just like that. If you use them and are willing to invest a little bit of time and have a little bit of luck, I promise you that you can easily save a couple hundred Euros on flights.



  1. Marielle
    March 1, 2019 / 10:34 am

    Hah! Now I know how you do it 😉
    Thanks for sharing Steffi!! These tips made me want to start looking for my next trip RIGHT AWAY!

    • admin
      March 5, 2019 / 3:41 am

      Haha I’m glad you found them helpful :D!
      Let me know as soon as you know where you’re heading to 🙂

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